Why HTTPS is Important to your website

If your website is a little older you may not be aware that the standards have changed.  An older website could be losing you quite a bit of business, for a number of reasons.  Take HTTPS, for example.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.  That’s how browsers talk to servers.  The “S” means it’s secure.  It secures the conversation through encryption.  

When you see HTTPS in the URL (at the top of the browser) you know the conversation is hidden from eavesdroppers.  

Why does it matter?

Starting in October of 2017 Google Chrome web browser started showing a “not secure” warning if visitors starting filling out a form which was not encrypted using HTTPS.  So visitors are actually being “scared away” from giving you their lead information.  Yikes!  That’s one of the biggest reasons to have a website.

But it gets worse.  Search engine rankings are impacted as well. How much?  Google wont say, but since 2014 Google has stated it’s part of the algorithm.  

So your website is actually appearing lower down on the search pages of Google as well.  Ouch! 

Your competitors, with up-to-date websites, are appearing to more of your clients and getting more lead information from them.  

So lock it down.  HTTPS it!

Remember in the modern Internet age your website is the face of your business.  If it’s out-of-date the perception is so are you. 

In today’s competitive markets that old website could be costing you big.

It’s not worth it.  Make the investment.  Update it.

Not sure how?  We are here to help.

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