Vayda Cosmetic – Style & Search Engines

Vayda Cosmetic – Style & Search Engines

For over 15 years, Vayda Cosmetic has been performing non surgical cosmetic procedures and providing rejuvenation and enhancement without the need for surgery.

Dr Veres was a pleasure to work with while we built this website.  Website includes beautiful design work, plenty of content to assist with search engine optimization and, of course, lead generation. 

Brute-force marketing can be expensive.  A well designed website can produce leads  without the need to constantly pour money into billboards and ads.

Remember, Commercial Grade websites are an investment in your company.  

A different client…
 once moved to another website designer.  That new designer lost his domain.  Clients could no longer find his company to place orders on-line.  He lost his search engine rankings and $50,000 in lost eCommerce sales every year!  In ten years that customer lost million dollars!

Don’t make the same mistake.  Your website is a valuable  company asset.  Keep everything in your company name.  Use strong passwords.  And only trust respected website design and support companies like Commercial Grade.

Again, this was a different company.

Now back to Vayda…
Vayda Cosmetic has been helping clients for over 15 years by performing non surgical cosmetic procedures .  Trust Vayda Cosmetic to help you look years younger.