eCommerce + Advanced Inventory Management

eCommerce + Advanced Inventory Management

It all started with a guy  who had a dream of becoming a massive on-line motorcycle parts distributor.

“But where do I even start.”  he asked.

The website we built ended up ranking third or fourth on a “raw” Google search with annual sales exceeding three million dollars annually. 

So how did we do it?

A dozen years ago WordPress was in  its infancy.  Very few platforms could handle the kind of power he needed to run his new business model. 

He turned to Commercial Grade and adopted our “Axiom” platform as a starting point. By the time we were done the system could handle:

  • eCommerce
  • Order Processing
  • Drop Shipping
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Cost Management
  • Image Optimization
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Automated Purchase Orders
  • Assemblies
  • Virtual Assemblies
  • Building of Assemblies
  • Remote Building of Assemblies
  • Address Verification
  • Shipping Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Remote Label Printers
  • Role Based User Management
  • Extensive Report Management

This company built their own custom motorcycle parts.  They packed some for sale.  Other parts went into other parts for sale.  Some parts were shipped out for processing and came back later.  Some parts were ordered from other companies.  Ordering from other companies sometimes meant ordering one of something yet created 100 units for sale.  All of this inventory tracking was complex.  It was way too complex to track with Post-It notes, that’s for sure.

The system we built for him became quite simple for employees to use.  An employee opened a web page and saw the assemblies needing to be built.  They clicked the link and the system gave the step by step instructions of how to build and package it.  It even handled “processing” which took a while, preventing the sale of components until the “build” was complete and the final inventory level increased.

The Purchasing system was quite easy to follow as well.  Employees picked a Vendor and told the system to Auto-Fill the Purchase Order.  When calculating how much to order the system took into account:

  • Current inventory level
  • Minimum inventory levels
  • Products Ordered by customers
  • Products which are a component of another product
  • Manufacture salable units conversion
  • Backorders (products already ordered)

Sound complex to calculate?  It was.

The final system today is quite idiot-proof.  Zombies could run it.  


Most companies depend on critical employees who are expensive to hire and replace.   

Commercial Grade’s ability to automate processes removes that dependency.

Commercial Grade can streamline the process for you too.

Of course now that I gave you all of these details I cannot tell you the company’s name.   Great company though!

DISCLAIMER: This kind of success requires a good niche market,  hard work, great social media marketing, solid financial resources, great business sense, year-after-year commitment, market timing and a bit of luck.  In all honesty this level of success is rare, but clearly it can happen.