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I started programming and building integrations back in 1994 after graduating with a Batchler’s in Computer Information Science.

I’ve been creating websites since 2003, when I founded Commercial Grade Software, Inc.

My mission was simply to provide top notch websites at reasonable rates.  So many competitors have come and gone and I’m still building awesome websites and offering the best support around.
From simple websites to advanced inventory control and data management I’ve built it.  Here is a little bit of the fun I’ve had over the years:
    • Hosting on modern platforms such as: WordPress & Wix
    • Of course I know HTML, JQuery, Photoshop, Soundbooth,  Premier, and half a dozen other website tools.
    • Built my own Hosting Platform: Axiom (Hosted dozens of sites on it. Powerful and fast with SEO built in!)
    • Built estimating software which processes millions of dollars in quotes every year.
    • Built custom portals to assist companies train and inform customers.
    • Built a powerful inventory control system for a company on the first page of Google, thanks in part to Axiom’s amazing built in SEO.  Supports the building of assemblies and handled all sorts of our customer’s needs. 
    • Built websites processing millions of dollars in orders annually.
    • Built my own shopping cart from scratch.
    • Built my own image optimization technology. 
    • Built and managed my own website Linux servers on an Optical Fiber connection with a backup generator in our Warren Office.
    • Programming in PHP/MySQL.  I built all of my current websites based on this incredible, free technology.
    • I’ve also been programming for about 25 years and know many languages.  Just a few are: HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Firebird, Interbase, Delphi, FoxPro, Pascal, DBase, C++, Pascal, Fortran,  and Assembly.
    • Way back when I use to build commercial Windows applications I built: ImageFiler LE, ImageFiler ID, ImageFiler K12, ImageFilter Evidence Tracker and ImageFiler.
    • Yes, I even built an inventory control system for ARAMARK called ACTFAS and later ACTFAS 2.0
    • I built some of the first digital booking systems.  ImageFiler LE (Law Enforcement) started out as a FoxPro application which I updated to Delphi (the programming language) and built into a commercial application complete with installation disks. 
    • I integrated all sorts of systems: OMR Scanners, Barcode scanners, Palm OS, IBM Mainframes and many more.
    • My software has been a few places you might have heard about: Massachusetts State Police Department (Booking System version of ImageFiler LE adapted for Citrix).  San Bernardino, CA had a version of ACTFAS running in their state prison system.  Santa Anna also ran ACTFAS.  Orange County, NY was another ImageFiler system.  One of my first installations, in fact. Ohio, PA and many other states had my system running in one prison or another.  El Paso Texas had a booking system.  I’ve forgotten half  the sites we integrated into.
    • I interned on a NASA project called OTD“The Optical Transient Detector (OTD) is a space-based instrument specifically designed to detect and locate lightning discharges as it orbits the Earth.”
    • I even witnessed the birth of the Internet (sort of) when as a freshman in college I accidentally kicked off the switch on a server the professor claimed was attached to some bizarre sounding system called  “The Internet.”  Surely, I thought, I’ll never catch on…

      If you want this much experience and knowledge working for you just contact me and I’d be happy to help.

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