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Website Development

Commercial Grade is about more than just website design of simple websites.  Our technical expertise in advanced website development and maintenance is exceptional due our extensive background in software development. 

Our success stories include:

A company needed an application to gather product dimensions and information to produce estimates more efficiently, guiding employees and automatically applying complex rules and pricing.  One of the most difficult tasks was building schematics on-the-fly which represented the final product.  With our background in Mathematics we were able to produce the technology needed by this client and help them remain competitive.  This project also included: dynamic PDF creation, cached pricing (good for 30 days), customer exceptions (different logic and prices per client), customer exception inheritance (dealers inherit rules from their distributor, etc.), managing staff, managing products, managing categories, managing rules, handling server loads and more.

A company needed an e-commerce website to not only take orders on-line, but also assist with the extremely complex process of building assemblies and ordering the proper inventory to manufacture the parts to fill the orders.  Our inventory control technology allowed them to build assemblies and lets the system calculate what needs to be ordered and which assemblies to build in order to keep the orders filled and customers happy.  Our server even drives a printer at their facility thanks to client-to-server technology we developed.

A company needed a portal to take in pay stub information from QuickBooks and produce benefit reports.  When managers and even users log in they can see what vacation they have used, how much vacation is due to them, which healthcare package they are eligible for, etc.  This system simplified a nearly impossible manual system.  It saved the company money by making sure employees were not getting too many vacation days due to miscalculations by management. 

A company was paying hourly for their website developer to maintain a retail and wholesale versions of their e-commerce website.  It had actually been developed as two entirely different websites!   We re-built their websites into a single, cohesive website able to track retail and dealer pricing.  The client was able to log in as administrator and modify pricing, images, categories and all content at will.  This saved them huge amounts of money while insuring pricing and products were always up-to-date.  It allowed dealers to log in, see their price and purchase.  It prevented retail (public) visitors from seeing any price and referred them to their local dealer. 

Client-to-server technology was developed by CGS and allows us to drive programmable client-based software as if it were a server. 

Open-Source & Linux-based Technologies

Open-source technologies has opened a flood gate of opportunities for businesses to save money by leveraging technologies which were once proprietary and expensive.  Simply adopting OpenOffice™ is one great way for any company to benefit from open-source technologies. 

We use open-source servers based on Linux.  Many of the technologies we use are Linux-based and therefore free.  This saves our clients some seriously big money while providing technologies which are powerful and well tested.

Let's suppose you wished your server to product PDFs.  How would you do it?  On Windows you would probably pay a company which would take HTML documents and send back to your server a rendered PDF.  This would cost you money, make you dependent on an outside service, and if they go out of business so do you.  In Linux we simply make sure the free service "wkhtmltopdf" is installed (by typing "apt-get install wkhtmltopdf") and send all commands to this service.  Whalah!  Our services are not dependent on an outside server which could make us look bad if it were down.

Crashing servers has a long tradition in Windows.  Linux does not charge on a per installation basis.  Therefore if a server were to catch fire and burn the SSD is usually movable to a new server in minutes -- without having to re-install the operating system!  Think about this for a while and stew on how awesome that is.  To put it another way, you might say that Windows servers are designed to crash when you change hardware so you have to pay the licensing fees!  Your hours of hard work and down time are by design.  Linux does not have this limitation which means Linux servers are better at mission-critical applications.

Arduino and Raspberry Pi micro controllers are another great open-source area, providing the ability to gather real-time data and control systems remotely. 

Windows Software Development 

In general, we no longer build Windows-based software but the lessons learned building and maintaining commercial software packages has made us what we are today.  Our experience includes the following:

Developed commercial version of ImageFiler LE - one of the first digital booking systems.  System included the ability to build line-ups quickly by selecting candidates from the prison population who closely resembled a suspect's description.  This held up in court much better than traditional line-ups and saved huge amounts of time over traditional line-up building.  (Yes, they would search for similar booking pictures by hand and include on a sheet!)

Developed and maintained Massachusetts State Police Department's booking system.  This was a variant of ImageFiler LE which we customized to run on Citrix.

Developed and maintained ImageFiler K-12.  This was a student tracking software package which included a point of sale module.  It also included a Palm application to track student schedules. 

Developed and maintained ACTFAS and ACTFAS 2.0 which handled inmate commissary services.  It included tracking of inmate finances, debt, indigence, compliance with court orders, purchases, and inventory control.

Developed and maintained numerous integrations for the ACTFAS packages including OMR scanners, telephony order system, APPC integration with an IBM Mainframe and much more.  This system controlled the commissary for El Paso Texas, San Bernardino and Santa Anna California prison systems as well as numerous others around the country.  The San Bernardino system was the largest installation and was like tracking the needs of a small city.

Developed ImageFiler ID commercial ID software package.

Developed Evidence tracking software package.

NASA's Optical Transient Detector was a satellite project which gathered weather information based on lightening data.

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