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Website Hosting

Shared / Dedicated Servers - We host and manage the websites we build

When the website design process is complete we also provide hosting services on our in-house servers.  Smaller websites are hosted on our shared primary server.  Larger websites are hosted on dedicated servers.

Enhanced Security Linux Servers  - Virtually Immune to PC viruses

Linux is virtually immune (although not entirely) from viruses.  This is simply due to the fact that virus makers focus on Windows vulnerabilities instead of far more secure Linux and Mac operating systems.  This means that Linux servers tend to be much more secure as a virus would have to be built to take advantage of weaknesses in two different operating systems.

Intel® Xeon® Architecture - The industry standard in server hardware

Intel® Xeon® architecture is specifically designed for high numbers of simultaneous users.  It is hardware of choice for reliability, speed, and low power consumption. 

Optical Fiber Connection to the Internet - Highest Reliability in the Industry

We use an optical fiber connection to the Internet for the highest reliability.  In the past five years our optical fiber connection was up and running over 99.999% of the time with virtually no unplanned down time.

Redundant Hardware - Routers/switches/servers/PSUs - everything!

Every piece of our hardware is now fully redundant.  This means that hardware failures are as simple as swapping in a new fully-configured replacement part.

If our primary router fails we simply swap in our backup, it's fully configured and ready to go!

If our primary switch fails we have a backup ready and waiting for its big moment.

Generator Power Backup - When the power goes down your website wont

What if the power fails?  Our backup generator automatically kicks in and feeds the necessary power to your server!   The power may be out but your server wont be.

Off-site Backups - Just in case the unimaginable happens 

Tornadoes can happen, that's why our servers are backed up off-site to insure the unimaginable doesn't prevent us from getting you back up and running.

Solid State Mirrored Drives on Every Server

Solid state drives (SSD) are around ten times faster than the old platter-based drives. 

Every server contains mirrored hard drives so that a failed drive does not take out your server.

100% USA Maintained - To prevent security breeches!

We even perform Hacker Guardian scans of our servers to insure no security vulnerabilities are exposing your business to unnecessary risk.

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